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In the Fall of 2017, I completed building my home studio to facilitate my life-long career as a ceramic artist. I now operate out of a humble (but proud) 10ft x 16ft space complete with electricity and heat. What it lacked was access to a water supply and a wastewater disposal system. With renewable and environmentally friendly practices in mind, Michael Tepe and I have designed a rain water plumbing system and a waste collection procedure that we have finished installing in my studio. 

Water is a key component for not only production within the ceramic arts, but also to ensure cleanliness. Safety precautions that protect against the accumulation of dust in the air and on surfaces are important. Access to a running water source helps to keep tools, equipment, my body, and the facility clean from repetitive dust buildup and exposure. 

This system that we designed uses a renewable resource. After the initial investment, it will only require monthly physical maintenance to keep the filters free from debris, monitoring of the waste disposal levels, and ensuring the pipes do not freeze during the winter. This environmentally friendly method saves on the high cost of plumbing a water line and also on a reoccurring water utility bill.

This project would not be possible without the CERF+ Get Ready Grant. It was really amazing to have the chance to get this studio need met and to safeguard my business in a sustainable way. As artists, it's important to make sure we invest time and research into making sure our business practices are safe. After completing this project, I realized how fun and simple it was to do just that. For more information about the Get Ready Grant, visit CERF+ The Artists Safety Net at:      


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